Skin Deep 

Aesthetics Salon

Tricia Pate Wilkinson

Skin is my passion...plain and simple. I've spent hours reading, studying and testing new skin care lines for many years.  The power of treatments, mixed with the relaxation you will achieve in my studio will  make you look at spa treatments on a whole different level.​

My Story

I've always loved getting dressed up, putting on makeup, caring for my skin, since I was a little girl. It wasn't until my early 20's, while attending Ball State University​, that I started to struggle with something that I felt like I had no control over. Acne had taken control of my self esteem was at an all time low and I honestly was at a loss.  After finishing college, I found myself having more time to research the situation and to learn that acne had nothing to do with how I was caring for fact, acne is a disease and often inherited.  After many appointments with the dermatologist, an esthetician was recommended.  I had never heard of an esthetician, I had never heard of facials, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Fast forward a couple years, and I was enrolled at Honors Beauty College working on my esthetics license.  I had found my passion.  

After working for five years in the industry, I decided I needed to be my own boss.  With that advantage, I could choose how I did my treatments and with the products I love.  I opened my small studio in 2009 at Salon Suites of West Carmel, where I still reside.  I still treat many of my clients that I've had since my first year as an esthetician. 

I am a simple esthetics studio.  My menu is small.  I do not like to offer a ton of services, as I feel it takes away from my true passion of Corrective based customized facials.  Each one of my facials are concocted for your skin.  It's truly hard to put names on them, because each facial is completely different.  I never want the importance of touch and a classic facial to be destroyed by machines that claim to be better.  I believe that the power of touch is healing to the body as well.  So, this is my craft....result driven, corrective based customized facials.

I also specialize in waxing and body treatments, which i thoroughly love doing.

When I started my small business I was young, single with no children.  I must say, it was terrifying.  But the loyalty of so many of my clients make this work!  I am forever grateful.  Now I am married with two beautiful sons. Ridley recently turned 6 and is attending Kindergarten at White Lick Elementary in Brownsburg. He enjoys Pokemon, Mario, playing and making friends. Devin is 2 and is having a blast at  Calvary Learning Academy in Brownsburg. He enjoys everything his big brother loves!  My husband is employed at Covance/Lab Corp.  My heart is truly full!

I urge you, if you are struggling with any skin care problem that makes you not feel whole, contact me and we will work together to achieve your goal.