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My favorite products in my treatment room

I've never been one to attract to one product line and devote my life to it.  Instead, I pick my favorites. I have lots of recommendations for all skin concerns!

All enzyme facials use enzymes from SkinscriptRX.

SkinscriptRX is a clinical skincare line that believes in quality products that are gentle. All products are paraben free, natural and ideal for all skin types and ethnicity.  Retailed at my location.

All Peels are from LIRA clinical.

Lira is a clinical skincare line specializing in advanced peels.  Lira believes that science discovers nature's secrets and leads to bright, beautiful, healthy skin.

My sensitized skin facials are customized from HALE and HUSH

I can't say enough about this incredible skin care line. In fact, it is my most popular prescribed. for my clients. Oncology approved, they truly understand that sensitive, compromised, health challenged skin requires delicate treatment.  Retailed at my location.

 Light peels are all done using Herbal Skin Solutions

HSS is devoted to helping you stay on the forefront of the aesthetic industry by providing a range of exceptional, natural products and devices.

Microneedling options include the power of needling ANTEAGE stem and growth factor cytokines.

Anteage pioneered the science of reactivating the skin's natural regenerative property by utilizing stem and growth factors derived from human bone marrow, The most natural and powerful option to restore youthful skin, this product is. a serious game changer.  Available for retail upon ordering in advance.


Dermalogica has been around for years and offers one of the best educational forums in the industry.  I have used Dermalogica for 18 years, and still keep some of my favorites in my treatment room,


I use Relax and Wax, Cirepil, Satin Smooth and Clean & Easy roll wax in my treatment room.

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